Central Bank pre-releases signed articles from Quarterly Bulletin 1 2017

24 January 2017 Press Release

The Aircraft Leasing Industry in Ireland: Cross Border Flows and Statistical Treatment 

Ireland has become a hub for the global aircraft leasing industry, with an Irish-leased aircraft taking-off every two seconds somewhere across the globe.  This article examines:

  • What makes Ireland attractive as a hub for aircraft leasers; and
  • The outlook for the industry and possible implications for Ireland.  

The Central Bank has published a short discussion on the Central Bank’s YouTube Channel:

Jenny Osborne-Kinch, Senior Economist discusses the aircraft leasing industry in Ireland.

The Policy Framework of the International Monetary Fund (IMF): An Overview of Recent Developments

The IMF’s mandate and governance continues to evolve with changes in the global economy.  This article:

  • Outlines some recent IMF policy developments, and discusses their global implications; and
  • Highlights some direct implications for Ireland as an IMF member and looks ahead to the 15th General Review of Ireland.  

Securities Holdings Statistics in Ireland: Introducing the Enhanced Quarterly Statistics

This article presents the recently introduced Securities Holdings Statistics published by the Bank, including detailed information on holdings of debt securities; quoted shares; and investment fund shares and units, all of which helps improve data gaps. The paper:

  • Introduces new data on holdings by Irish households which will facilitate future work around household wealth dynamics; and 
  • Examines the links between the holders and issuers of securities at a granular counterparty sector, country, and instrument level


Quarterly Bulletin 1 2017 will be released on 26 January

The views expressed in these articles are not necessarily those held by the Central Bank of Ireland.