Central Bank Commission Meeting Minutes Published

11 February 2016 Press Release

The Central Bank has published, for the first time, minutes of its Commission meeting, which was held in December 2015. The minutes are being published to provide greater understanding of the Central Bank’s corporate governance, internal debates and the initiatives it takes to deliver on our mission.

The Commission minutes will continue to be published on the Central Bank’s website two weeks following their approval at the subsequent meeting with an approximate six- week lag.

The Commission may decide to omit information from the published record if it is legally or commercially confidential, where it contains confidential supervisory information, or where it is in the public interest to do so. This will be referenced in the published version.
There may be occasions where a minute may be omitted but retrospectively published when the rationale for initial omission no longer applies.

The schedule of publication will be as follows:

Meeting Date

Minutes Publication Date

28 January 2016

10 March 2016

25 February 2016

07 April 2016

24 March 2016

12 May 2016

28 April 2016

10 June 2016

27 May 2016

14 July 2016

30 June 2016

09 August 2016

26 July 2016

07 October 2016


No Meeting

23 September 2016

09 November 2016

26 October2016

07 December 2016

23 November2016

23 December 2016

12 December 2016

February 2017 (TBC)


In a speech to the Institute of Directors on 22 January 2016, Governor Philip Lane announced that the Central Bank would publish minutes of Commission meetings.

The Central Bank Commission was established by the Central Bank Reform Act 2010 and has the following statutory functions: management and control of the affairs and activities of the Central Bank; ensuring that the Central Bank’s financial regulation and central banking functions are coordinated and integrated; and ensuring that the statutory powers and functions conferred on the Central Bank are properly exercised and discharged.

The Commission engages with management members on issues of strategic importance to the Central Bank (other than European System of Central Bank (ESCB) functions) and advises, supports and constructively challenges them as appropriate. It also contributes to the formulation of a strategy to allow the Central Bank to achieve its statutory functions and it reviews the Central Bank's performance in relation to this strategy. This includes, but is not limited to, strategic issues, legislative items (such as Regulations), risk, budgeting, audits, and operational matters.

The members of the Commission are Philip R. Lane, Cyril Roux, Sharon Donnery*, Alan Ahearne, Patricia Byron, Blanaid Clarke, John FitzGerald, Des Geraghty, Derek Moran, Michael Soden, Secretary: Neil Whoriskey.
* With effect from 1 March 2016