Governor Philip Lane offers condolences to the family of T.K. Whitaker

10 January 2017 News Categories

Governor Philip R. Lane has paid tribute to T.K. Whitaker, who served as Central Bank Governor from 1969 to 1976.

Governor Lane said “It is with great sadness that I have learned of the death of T.K. Whitaker. He was a dedicated public servant, deeply committed to the well-being of the Irish people. His vision of Ireland as an open, dynamic economy has provided the platform for Irish economic policy for the last sixty years.”

“During his tenure at the Central Bank, Governor Whitaker led the modernisation of the Central Bank and the expansion of its mandate, which enabled it to address challenges such as the first oil shock, the modernisation of the domestic financial sector, increased volatility in the international financial system and significant inflationary pressures. He was also a consistent voice in providing independent economic advice to the government throughout this period. In the Central Bank, he is also remembered for important initiatives such as increased opportunities for female staff and reformed management structures.”


On T.K. Whitaker’s 100th birthday, the Central Bank published a video commemorating his time as Governor.