Governor Makhlouf meets with local businesses, students and fisheries in Donegal

26 May 2022 Press Release

Governor Makhlouf meeting Donegal Women in Business Network

Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland Gabriel Makhlouf met with businesses, fisheries representatives and students from across Donegal yesterday during his day-long visit.

Governor Makhlouf discussed the economy and the labour market at a meeting with Donegal Women in Business Network.

Governor Makhlouf also met with startup investors and Government agencies at a meeting with Ernact Donegal Digital, where they discussed the development of Donegal's digital transformation ecosystem.

While meeting with students and staff of St Catherine’s Vocational School in Killybegs, the Governor explained the work of the Central Bank.

At a meeting with the Irish Fish Processors and Exporters Association in Killybegs, Governor Makhlouf toured a processing facility and discussed the impact of Brexit on Donegal fisheries.

Commenting after the meetings, Governor Makhlouf said: “I enjoyed meeting owners and representatives of so many businesses in Donegal today. It’s important that the Central Bank listens to and engages with people all around Ireland and that our work is informed by real-life experiences and viewpoints. Our job is to maintain financial stability, and to do that, we need to understand the impact of our policies on people’s lives. We are acutely aware of that impact and today’s discussion with diverse businesses and sectors will be invaluable to us.

“Looking to the future, I particularly enjoyed the opportunity today to meet students from St Catherine’s in Killybegs and answer their questions about the work of the Bank and the wider economy. I hope to see some of them join the Bank in the future.”

The visit is one of a series of local events that the Governor will attend around Ireland this year.