Income Statement Statistics – Q4 2015

06 April 2016 Press Release

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Total Operating Income1

  • In Q4 2015, banking offices resident in Ireland reported total operating income of €2.2 billion, a decrease of 12 per cent since Q4 2014.
  • In Q4 2015, banking offices resident in Ireland reported total profits of €946 million.
  • Interest income received from loans and deposits accounted to €1.35 billion, or 61 per cent, of total operating income.
  • Since Q4 2014, account fees and charges have increased by 11 per cent to €146 million.

Income Statement

Total interest income from loans and deposits totalled €1.35 billion during Q4 2015, a decrease of 6 per cent since Q4 2014. Domestic market2 banks accounted for €1.1 billion of total interest income from loans and deposits (Chart 1).

Since Q4 2012, interest payable on loans and deposits has decreased by 78 per cent to €322 million in Q4 2015. Both domestic market banks and IFSC banks experienced large declines with the former falling by 85 per cent and the latter falling by 50 per cent (Chart 2). The fall in interest income and expenses reflects lower market rates and deleveraging in the sector.

General expenses and other operating costs totalled €1.5 billion in Q4 2015. Wages and salaries, which are the primary driver of general expenses, accounted for €586 million during Q4. Domestic market banks accounted for €445 million of total wages and salaries (Chart 3).

In Q4 2015, banking offices resident in Ireland reported total profit3 after interest and tax of €946 million.

Further information

The data and explanatory notes can be accessed at here.
1 Other comprises finance lease interest income, operating lease income and other income not elsewhere classified.
2 Domestic market banks are banks that have a significant level of retail business with Irish households and NFCs, and would exclude the more internationally focused banks in the IFSC. A full list of these institutions is available on the Central Bank of Ireland website. Credit Unions are excluded from this set of statistics.
3 Profit reported is based on statistical methodology and may differ from profit calculated using accounting methodology.