Central Bank publishes Irish responses to July 2016 Bank Lending Survey

19 July 2016 Press Release

The Central Bank has published the results of the July 2016 Bank Lending Survey.

Click here to view the questionnaire and survey results.

Results Summary:

  • Credit standards were unchanged on loans to enterprises during the second quarter of 2016, but are expected to tighten somewhat during the third quarter.  Overall demand for credit from enterprises rose, driven by demand from SMEs and for long-term loans.
  • Credit standards on lending to households for house purchases and for consumer credit remained unchanged in the second quarter.  Demand for loans for house purchases remained unchanged, while demand for consumer credit and other lending increased.
  • The participation rate in the first round of the TLTRO-II programme was 61%.  40% of banks reported that they would participate in the future, while another 40% reported that they were undecided about future participation.