Phil Lynott €15 Silver Proof Coin Launched by President Michael D. Higgins

26 November 2019 Press Release

Phil Lynnot Coin

  • €15 Silver Proof coin marks 70 years since the year of birth of legendary Irish rock musician Phil Lynott.
  • Coin launched by President Michael D. Higgins at St. Kevin’s College, Crumlin, the former school of Phil Lynott.
  • Coin limited to 3,000 pieces. Available to buy from tomorrow at 10am for €64.99 on, 3 coin limit per transaction

The Central Bank of Ireland has launched a €15 silver commemorative coin to mark 70 years since the year of birth of legendary Irish rock musician Phil Lynott. The coin was officially launched by President Michael D. Higgins at St. Kevin’s College, Crumlin, former school of Phil Lynott.

Phil Lynott was born in the West Midlands of England but grew up in Dublin. After fronting several bands, Lynott formed Thin Lizzy in 1970. The band first found success with ‘Whiskey in the Jar’, followed by several hits in the mid-70s with songs such as ‘The Boys are Back in Town’, Jailbreak’, ‘The Rocker’ and ‘Waiting for an Alibi’. Lynott also enjoyed success as a solo artist with two albums producing the hits ‘Dear Miss Lonelyhearts’, ‘King’s Call’ and ‘Old Town’, the music video for the latter famously showing Phil walking through the streets of Dublin.

Struck in .925 sterling silver to proof quality, the coin designed by numismatic artist Sandra Deiana pays tribute to Phil with a depiction of him in a characteristic pose with his bass guitar and sound waves emanating from it. Behind the main focal point of the design is a graphic representation of a vinyl record.  Phil Lynott sadly passed away in 1986 at the age of 36 but his music and legacy continues to endure and inspire music lovers worldwide.

This is the second coin issued in the three coin series entitled ‘Modern Irish Musicians’. A coin commemorating Rory Gallagher was launched in September 2018 by President Higgins, while next year, a coin commemorating Luke Kelly will be issued.

The President has long championed creativity and imagination, out of his conviction that the arts, and music, occupy a central space in our cultural identity, and can be a source of ideas giving meaning to our lives.  The President has often remarked on the importance of listening to “the music of the heart” and celebrating the joy that our musicians have given us through their art.

Central Bank Deputy Governor Sharon Donnery, who grew up in Crumlin, said:

“The Central Bank is proud to be issuing this fabulous coin to celebrate such an iconic musician. We are particularly pleased to be launching it in Crumlin: Phil Lynott grew up on Leighlin road and went to school here at St Kevin’s College”.

“Phil Lynott’s iconic status, his contribution to modern Irish music and the enduring popularity of his music is why the Bank has issued a coin honouring him.”

There will be 3,000 Phil Lynott coins issued, which will be available to buy from Wednesday 27 November at 10am for €64.99 on while stocks last. There is a limit of 3 coins per transaction.


Proof coins are collectable coins and are not intended for general circulation. They are minted using specially polished dies and blanks that give them a mirror-like finish. These coins are struck at least twice during the minting process. They are individually handled and protectively stored in order to prevent tarnishing. This is in comparison to general circulating coins, which are struck once during the minting process and are handled in bulk. The defined, intricate and shiny appearance of proof coins gives them their collectable quality.