Central Bank of Ireland Issues Warning on Unauthorised Firm – Fraudulent entity clones authorised firm Northern Trust Global Services SE

31 October 2023 Warning Notice


31 October 2023

[Most recently updated: 08 January 2024]

It has come to the attention of the Central Bank of Ireland (‘Central Bank’) that a fraudulent entity, Northern Trust Ireland has been operating as an investment firm / investment business firm in the State in the absence of appropriate authorisation.  In this instance, the fraudulent entity cloned a legitimate Central Bank authorised firm in order to deceive customers. The fraudulent entity reached out to consumers via email seeking sell fake investments using the prospectus “Fixed Rate Deposit Account - Prospectus 2023” and “Fixed Income corporate Bond 2023 – 2028”. The email addresses used by this unauthorised entity are:

The phone number used by this unauthorised entity is +353 (1) 443 4681.

This unauthorised firm has cloned the name (or part thereof) and the registered address of the legitimate firm Northern Trust Global Services SE, which is authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland. It should be noted that there is no connection whatsoever between the Central Bank authorised firm and the unauthorised firm.

A list of unauthorised firms published to date is available on the Central Bank website.

It is a criminal offence for an unauthorised firm to provide financial services in Ireland that would require an authorisation under the relevant legislation for which the Central Bank is the responsible body for enforcing.  Consumers should be aware, that if they deal with a firm that is not authorised, they are not eligible for compensation from any available Compensation Scheme. 

Any person wishing to contact the Central Bank with information regarding such firms / persons may telephone (01) 224 4000. This line is also available to the public to check if a firm is authorised.




Notes to editors

The name of the above firm is published under Section 53 of the Central Bank (Supervision and Enforcement) Act 2013.