Introduction to the Annual Online Return

From July 2011, the Central Bank of Ireland moved to a more risk-based approach to the supervision of regulated firms and accordingly each regulated firm is now required to submit relevant key information as a key part of this approach. In order to carry out our supervisory functions, the information will be collected from all regulated firms annually, via a secure web-based electronic reporting system.

Who is required to submit the Annual Online Return?

The following regulated firms will be required to submit the annual return electronically:

The Annual Online Return consists of questions in relation to financial details and conduct of business information. The below document outlines the legal basis for submitting the Annual Online Return.

Requirement for Retail Intermediary firms to submit an Annual Return | pdf 263 KB

Guidance for Firms

Please see links below to access Guidance Material and the Return Mock-Up for the Retail Intermediary Annual Return.

It may be useful for you to print off the Return Mock-Up and complete it offline, before completing the actual return online.

Retail Intermediaries Annual Return Mock Up | pdf 917 KB Guidance Notes for Retail Intermediaries Annual Return v4 | pdf 1994 KB Retail Intermediary Annual Return FAQ | pdf 572 KB

Submit your Annual Return on the Central Bank Portal.

Guidance for Auditors

Section 27(b) (2) of the Central Bank Act, 1997 requires auditors to submit a Statutory Duty Confirmation to the Central Bank of Ireland on an annual basis. This requirement only applies to intermediaries authorised under the Investment Intermediaries Act, 1995. The report must state whether or not circumstances have arisen that require the auditor to report a matter to the Central Bank under a prescribed enactment (Section 33 of the Investment Intermediaries Act, 1995 is a prescribed enactment for the purposes of this reporting requirement.)

Please email [email protected] with the Statutory Duty Confirmation attached as a Word or PDF document.

A pro-forma report to be used by auditors is set out in Miscellaneous Technical Statement M46 issued by Chartered Accountants Ireland, in September 2006.