Introduction to Fund Administrators 

This section is intended to help users access information relevant to the regulation of Fund Administrators. 

Fund Administrators provide services, including transfer agency, net asset valuations (NAVs) and fund accounting in respect of Irish authorised funds both UCITS and AIFs.
Fund Administrators can also provide these services to non-Irish authorised funds. 

Themed Inspections

Thematic Inspection of Cybersecurity Risk Management in Asset Management Firms – 10 March 2020

Review of Outsourcing of Fund Administration Activities within the Fund Services Industry - 7 March 2017

Thematic Review of Risk Function within the Investment Firm and Fund Services Industry - 5 December 2016

Thematic Review of the Management of Operational Risk around Cyber-Security within the Investment Firm and Fund Services Industry - 22 September 2015

Thematic Review of the Number of Directorships held by Individuals within the Investment Funds Industry - 16 June 2015

Thematic Review of Data Integrity of Regulatory Returns - 12 September 2014

Thematic Review of Administration Firms Compliance with the Requirements on Outsourcing of Administration Activities in relation to Collective Investment Schemes - 10 May 2013