Requirements and Guidance for Fund Administrators  

As well as being subject to the regulatory requirements that derive from legislation, Fund Administrators are also subject to various other supervisory requirements based on the nature of their activities and the associated risks.  

Guidance related to Fund Administrators

The Central Bank has issued guidance on a number of topics to assist users of the Central Bank (Supervision and Enforcement) Act 2013 (Section 48(1)) (Investment Firms) Regulations 2023 (“the Central Bank Investment Firms Regulations”), listed below.

Please note that this guidance comes into effect at the date of publication.

The list of topics is as follows:

Investment Firms Q&A

The Investment Firms Q&A sets out answers to queries likely to arise in relation to the Central Bank Investment Firms Regulations, MiFID II and MiFIR.  It is published in order to assist in limiting uncertainty.  It is not relevant to assessing compliance with regulatory requirements.  You should check the website from time to time in relation to any matter of importance to you to see if the position has altered.

On 7 March 2019, the Central Bank has published the seventh edition of its Investment Firms Q&A which includes new Q&As ID 1041 and 1042, in relation to tied agents under the MiFID II Regulations. These Q&As clarify that only EEA MiFID firms can appoint tied agents and that tied agents must be persons established in the EEA.

All previous versions of the Q&A are available here.