2018 Annual Mint Set: "Irish Myths and Legends"

30 April 2018 Press Release

2018 Annual Mint Set

The Central Bank of Ireland has today issued the 2018 Annual Mint Set, which pays tribute to Ireland’s ancient Celtic myths and legends. The Annual Mint Set is now available to order at a price of €29 per set.

The 2018 Annual Mint set commemorates Ireland’s much-loved and captivating myths and legends which the people of Ireland have recited and shared throughout history. The set comes in a beautifully designed presentation wallet and features some of the stories and characters of Ireland’s favourite myths and legends.

Some of the best-known Irish tales are featured, including Fionn Mac Cumhaill and the Salmon of Knowledge, The Brown Bull of Cooley, The Legend of the Children of Lir, Cú Chulainn and Deirdre of the Sorrows. These folk tales come from various Irish Myth Cycles, such as the Mythological Cycle, the Ulster Cycle and the Fenian Cycle, representing tales that have been told by the Irish people over many centuries.

This set will include all Irish coin denominations from 1c to €2, in brilliant uncirculated quality, dated 2018 and sealed within the wallet for protection. The set makes a beautiful keepsake or gift and is highly sought by coin collectors. This Annual Mint Set has an issue limit of 6,000 pieces. The set can be purchased online at www.collectorcoins.ie.


Definition of Brilliant Uncirculated Coins

  • Coins of Brilliant Uncirculated standard will exhibit face designs (with inscriptions) from a polished die finish, but there will be no differentiation of finish between the design and the table of the coin.
  • These coins will impress with their overall brilliance. They will have a markedly intense lustre. Defects will be allowed if minor and in unobtrusive areas. For coins of base metal, a lower degree of lustre and perfection is allowed.
  • Coins are to be fully struck with an overall appearance, including edge, to a high degree of appeal. Variation of brightness of finish of the major design feature during the course of a die’s life will be allowed, providing that anyone coin is substantially uniform in this feature.

Collector Coin

  • The Central Bank of Ireland (as agent for the Minister for Finance) is the sole body with the statutory authority to issue legal tender in Ireland, in the form of circulating and commemorative coin. Irish collector coin products are issued to celebrate and pay tribute to figures of national importance and to commemorate significant events in Irish history. Typically four to five new products are launched each year.