Director General Financial Conduct Derville Rowland elected chair of ESMA’s Investment Management Standing Committee

21 May 2021 Press Release

Central Bank of Ireland

The Central Bank of Ireland’s Director General Financial Conduct Derville Rowland has been elected as Chair of the Investment Management Standing Committee of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). The appointment is for a period of two years and is effective 1 July 2021. 

The standing committees are expert groups drawn from ESMA staff and Member States’ National Competent Authorities. The Investment Management Standing Committee works on issues relating to the investment funds sector, and is responsible for the development of policy and supervisory convergence activities.

Commenting on the appointment, Governor Gabriel Makhlouf said: “That Ms. Rowland is taking up this role on behalf of the Central Bank of Ireland demonstrates our organisation’s commitment to contributing effectively to European policy development. This continues to be central to our mission of being trusted by the public and respected by our peers, which is why we will continue to contribute at ESMA, and in Europe generally, to bring our perspectives forward and so that we remain a committed and effective partner to our European counterparts.”

Speaking about her appointment, Ms. Rowland said: “The Central Bank of Ireland’s occupancy of this role reflects our commitment to contributing to the current international regulatory work on asset management and financial stability, which will be an important element of ESMA’s work plan in the coming period. It also reflects range and depth of knowledge in Ireland’s investment funds sector and its standing in European policy forums.”