Holders of Irish Government Bonds - November 2015

13 January 2016 Press Release

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Breakdown of Holders of Government Bonds

  •   The nominal value outstanding of government bonds decreased by €92 million to €125,449 million in November 2015.
  • Non-residents have significantly increased their holdings of Irish Government bonds over the past year, to 59.6 per cent of outstanding bonds, up from 55.9 per cent 12-months earlier. Holdings by the combined resident credit institutions and Central Bank have increased (€1,267 million) over the past 3 months.

Outstanding government bonds1 stood at €125,449 million in November 2015, with 19 per cent due to mature in less than three years. At end-November 2015, Irish residents held 40.4 per cent of long-term Irish government bonds. Irish credit institutions and the Central Bank of Ireland account for 92.3 per cent of the resident holdings (Chart 2).

The holdings of Irish Government bonds by Irish credit institutions and the Central Bank of Ireland have increased by €1,267 million over the past 3 months.

Holdings of non-residents reduced over the month to €74.8 billion. This reverses a trend over the past year which has seen non-resident holdings rise from 55.9 per cent to 59.6 percent of the total (an increase of over €9.5 billion).

Within the next 5 years, €58.1 billion of Government bonds will mature (Table 1).  Non-residents hold 69.5 per cent of these maturing bonds (Chart 1).

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(i)       Data are sourced from the Central Bank of Ireland
(ii)     Data refer to €-denominated debt securities

Background information

This data series was published for the first time in March 2014. The new series beginning in December 2013 is based on improved information sources, so it is not directly comparable with previous publications. Care should, therefore, be exercised in comparing the new series with earlier publications.

The change has arisen due to the introduction of the Securities Holdings Regulation by the ECB in December 2013. The dataset is compiled from data submitted by all custodians resident in Ireland, direct reporting by end investors and information from the Government Bond Register held by the Central Bank to provide breakdowns by maturity and by holding sector.
1 Please see background information below and the explanatory notes for further information