Central Bank of Ireland Issues Warning on Unauthorised Firm – Commerzbank Europe (CLONE)

15 March 2024 Warning Notice


Warning: Unauthorised Banker / Unauthorised Investment Firm / Unauthorised Investment Business Firm
Unauthorised Firm Name Commerzbank Europe (CLONE)
Website www.commerz.ie
It should be noted that clicking on the website link would take you to the legitimate firms website, www.commerzbank.de/group/.
Email address(es) used
Phone number(s) used +353 (0) 1 443 3354
Authorisation in Ireland This firm is not authorised to provide banking business or investment services or any other financial services in Ireland.
Additional information The firm cloned the details (name or part thereof) of an entity authorised by BAFIN who passport in to Ireland and has been seeking to pass itself off as the legitimate firm, Commerzbank AG, in order to deceive consumers. It should be noted there is no connection whatsoever between the legitimate German bank and the scam firm.
The products offered by the fraudulent entity includes:
·         Fixed Term accounts Issue 199 4.55%
·         Irish Govt. 5.40% March 2025 Treasury Bond
·         Irish Govt. Bond 5.72% July 2027
·         Austria Government Bond 6.25% July 2027


  1. Any person wishing to contact the Central Bank with information regarding such firms / persons may telephone (01) 224 5800.
  2. For more information on how to protect yourself from financial scams, please visit www.centralbank.ie/financialscams
  3. The name of the above firm is published under section 53 of the Central Bank (Supervision and Enforcement) Act 2013