Credit Institution Returns


The Central Bank of Ireland is the main compiler of Irish Financial Statistics, providing a high quality collection and analysis service to all our stakeholders through regular publications. To meet these requirements the Bank must collect statistics on money and banking activities from all Irish resident Monetary Financial Institutions (MFIs).

In addition to these national requirements, the Governing Council of the European Central Bank has issued two statistical Regulations which outline the statistical reporting requirements for the MFIs resident in the euro area. The Central Bank of Ireland is required to incorporate these requirements into the local statistical reporting framework. This page contains information on the Regulations, reporting schemes and general information for reporting agents.

The ECB legislation outlining the requirements for Monetary Financial Institution statistics in the euro-area are Regulations, which apply to reporting agents, and a Guideline, which applies to National Central Banks.

Regulation (EC) No 25/2009 of the ECB of 19 December 2008 concerning the balance sheet of the monetary financial institutions sector (Recast), (ECB/2008/32) | pdf 261 KB Guideline | pdf 1855 KB

Contact: [email protected]

Reporting statistical data

The reporting returns and notes on compilation can be accessed at the links below:

RC2 In-House Validations | xls 69 KB Notes on Compilation (RS2 RV2 RC2) | pdf 2087 KB RS2 | zip 24 KB Resident Offices Return (RS2) | xls 1355 KB C12345_20171229_RS2 | xml 218 KB RC2 In-House Validations | xls 69 KB SharedTypes | zip 0 KB RC2 | zip 14 KB RV2 | zip 5 KB RV2 In-House Validations | xls 19 KB Revaluation Adjustment Return (RV2) | xls 244 KB Reclassification Adjustment Return (RC2) | xls 597 KB Resident Offices Return (RS1) | xls 1315 KB Revaluation Adjustment Return (RV1) | xls 113 KB Reclassification Adjustment Return (RC1) | xls 376 KB Interest Rate Return (IRM) | xls 72 KB Notes on Compilation (IRM) | pdf 246 KB Quarterly Analysis of Lending and Deposits Return (SQ1) | xls 281 KB Notes on Compilation (RS1, RV1 and RC1) | pdf 372 KB Notes on Compilation (SQ1) | pdf 832 KB

The RS1, RC1, RV1 and SQ1 returns must be completed by all resident credit institutions. The IRM return is to be completed by a sample of banks specified by the Central Bank of Ireland. Data shall be submitted by close of business on the working day specified below following the reference date. The reporting deadlines are as follows:



Reporting deadline

RS1 (including quarterly formats)


T+10 working days



T+10 working days



T+10 working days



T+12 working days



T+18 working days

The Central Bank of Ireland issues a detailed schedule of dates each year. These can be viewed at Schedule of Dates

The spreadsheets above are for reference only - data cannot be uploaded as an Excel file. Collection of data shall be through a web-based online reporting system. The data can be entered manually on the online returns, or uploaded as an XML file. Instructions for file upload and technical details about the required file format are in:

The Central Bank hosted an information session prior to the introduction of the existing forms and the slides can be downloaded 2010 reporting requirements


Basic validation must take place prior to submitting data to the Central Bank. Basic validations include additive checks (e.g. total loans must equal the sum of their maturities). It will not be possible for reporting agents to submit the statistical returns until all validation checks have been satisfied. A full list of the validations that must be passed prior to submitting the data can be viewed here shortly. Further conceptual and plausibility checks will be carried out by the Central Bank after the data is received. Copies of the validation rules are available to reporting institutions on request from [email protected]

Waiver on Reporting Information on Sole Proprietors

It is now confirmed that the Central Bank will waive the reporting requirements on the items relating to sole proprietors. Therefore, Irish credit institutions are not required to report any information related to sole proprietors in the RS1, RV1, RC1 and IRM. This waiver applies to 2011 and must be recalculated each year. However given the margin, we do not expect the requirements to be necessary within the next number of years. The RS1, RC1, RV1 and IRM return files above have deleted the cells relating to sole proprietors but retained any sole proprietor columns on the return to allow for any future inclusion.